Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013 // Rapunzel and Little Monster

Walking down the dimly lit streets pushing Noah the Cold Monster, I caught myself smiling wide at my little Rapunzel flying door to door along side of her newest friends. Joy filled me to the brim as we spent our first Halloween in Indiana. It was so much colder than what we were used to, making us think a little more about which costumes we'd be putting our babies in. Had it been the night before, on Halloween night, we would've been miserable. But thank goodness our town had the foresight to move Trick or Treating to the following night as we had miserable wind and rain that never stopped. 

That afternoon, I dropped off ingredients for chili and my sweet babies off at Selena's house while I went to do a photo shoot. When I got back, I was greeted by both of our families buzzing with excitement as they finished their last bites of dinner. We got all five of our kiddos in their costumes, making sure that hands were gloved and there were layers to keep warm. We then headed back out with enough twilight left to take a few photos. 

Rapunzel and our little Monster. I looooooove (yes, that gets lots of o's) that there are fall leaves in this photo. Halloween feels a little more right with leaves and a chill in the air. 

Our plan was to have Maya as Rapunzel (her request) and Noah as Pascal (also her request). I loved the idea and loved that we were able to come up with it together this year, the first year she's really had an opinion about what she was. 

We found her Rapunzel costume easily (we had to pin it to make it fit), but only found a couple of Pascal costumes on Etsy and they were far too expensive for our budget (about $20-$30 per kiddo). Then I found a tutorial on how to make one and I went for it. Well almost. I couldn't find the green hooded footie pajamas, but found a plain, kelly green zip up hoodie and sweatpants from Kohls that I ordered. I waited until two nights before Halloween to go get the rest of the supplies..which was apparently too late. There must have been a ton of costumes that needed green fleece because it was out everywhere. My last stop was Walmart where I was determined to hunt down a costume, and of course, they had NOTHING in Noah's size. I made my way to the kids section where I finally decided to make a costume out of the cute little hats they had. After calculating the cost of his hat, hoodie, black and grey striped shirt, orange gloves, black pants AND shoes, it was the same cost as Maya's costume (we already owned the puffy vest). I asked Derrick what he thought and we both agreed that a costume that would keep Noah warm as well as work as an outfit he could wear throughout the fall was a win-win for us. Although I miss him being Maya's Pascal, I was still really happy with what we ended up with. 

I have no idea what she was really doing here, but doesn't it look like she might take Noah out with her frying pan? I should've dressed Noah up as Flynn Ryder instead!!! 

Our Princess Rapunzel. Love her. 

Her crown had that little Rapunzel button on it, but I decided I liked it a lot better without it. I almost took it off of the dress too, but decided to keep it on because she always looks at it. 

I had practiced her hair the day before and it was amazing!!! I left some of the braided pieces in over night and redid it the next morning before school. By the end of the day, it was a little haphazard, but still cute. I kind of wish I would've bought some little tiny flowers to stick in there, but I was already over budget (the pan was from a set of pots and pans I got that I'll be giving the kids for Christmas. I mean, ahem, that Santa will be giving them for Christmas). 

Love this kid. 

Merek as Captain America. Maya has been borderline obsessed with him when she's with the Helvey's. She loves doing every thing that her big guy does (her affection name for him). 

And the sweetest little Care Bears ever. Selena made these costumes for these cuties and I love them!!! Ava is Share Bear and Sophia is Cheer Bear. 

These four were pros! They hit each house like they'd been doing this for years!!! If the little girls could've reached the doorbells, they wouldn't've needed us at all! 

Noah's first time trick or treating. And his only time :). He didn't care about it at all!!! :) 

Our attempt at a family photo :). 

This thing scared the bejeezus out of me. The kids thought it was hilarious. 

Then back to Selena's for some late night hot chocolate! 

Maya's response when I asked her how she liked Halloween! 

Somehow this guy still had energy after it all! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Maya's First Day of Preschool

Uh oh, I haven't blogged on this blog since last February! Ugh. Maybe one day I will fill in all 8 million photos I have of the kiddos. We've only moved across the country and all.. it might be nice to document all of that, huh?

As for now, however, I thought that Miss Maya's first day of Preschool would be the perfect thing to start fresh with. We are finally feeling like Indiana is home since moving from Arizona in May. I can't believe it has been four months! And now that this girl is going to school, I think it will feel even more comfortable. 

She is starting preschool. 

I am just beside myself in disbelief. And LOOK at this photo of her!! She has just grown up SO much this summer! And I adore every bit of her. This age has been a blast and she's becoming the sweetest, funniest little thing. 

Here she is rocking her first day outfit (and some crooked bangs.. yep, didn't fix that before school started. Whoops.) And would you believe that after her whole little life of not caring at all about what I have dressed her in, she began to have an opinion on her first day of school?! It's only appropriate, I suppose. She is growing up and all. She was dead set on wearing neon blue knee socks that I had just picked up that week. It took quite the convincing to talk her into another pair. I probably should've just let her wear them, as it would've made something fun to talk about for forever, but the photographer in me kept thinking about her pictures :). Thankfully, she thought the purple polka-dot socks were pretty neat-o too. 

She's finally getting into photos and looking/smiling right at the camera. She's always been my hardest client! The photo above left was her pose that she thought of on her own. Also a first. 

And, yes, I hopped right up on to the chalkboard-first-day sign wagon! I just couldn't help myself. 

Her new butterfly backpack hadn't arrived in the mail yet, so we sported her old owl backpack instead. I would've been just fine with the owl, but it was quite small for all of the things that she has to keep for school. Apparently, I packed a lot of lunch... just a bit heavy :). 

And let's just pause for a second and take note of two other things in this photo. 1) She is wearing a sweater in the beginning of September, and 2) The windows are all fogged up. Do you know what this means??? We aren't DYING of heat in Arizona!! It's sooo much cooler this time of year! I'm loving this weather!

We had gone to Michigan the weekend before school started, so the night before school I remembered that we had to make an All About Maya page. Oh boy. I was seriously this close to forgetting our very first assignment. Awesome start to the new year, Jenny. Nothing like staying up until 2 in the morning finding pictures and digging out the glue sticks. 

In my defense, we had been out of town and I was leaving for Arizona the very next day which meant packing, cleaning my house for people to stay in while I was gone (oh my gosh), organizing and emailing clients for AZ, finding childcare for Maya for Indiana and Noah for AZ. You know, I didn't have very much to do at all ;). 

This girl. She's killing me with her adorable smiles. 

We tried to get a photo with the three of them, but Sir Busytons had his own agenda. 

He's just all over the place. 

About the best we got with both of them. I'll take it :). 

Discovering her new classroom. 

I mean, Maya, honey, could you at least not dive in so easily? You're breakin' Mama's heart here. Turn around or something?!

I don't know these kiddos or their parents at all to have permission to show their cute faces. Sorry :). So they are a bit blurred so you can't tell who they are. 

When we found out we got into this school, I was shocked. Mainly because we moved so late and there was a waiting list. And then when they told me that Maya would be in the Giraffe Class, I knew it was meant to be. If you've followed along at all over the years, you'll know that Maya's bestest friend and lovey is her Giraffy. He is dear and near. Always. And it only fits that her very first toy to play with is a Giraffe. 

I know. I'm a total cheeseball. 

Although the Giraffe was just for a second. She quickly moved on. 

Her very sweet teacher. We love her already! I have been away for the past week and a half and only got to take Maya to her first day of school. While I've been away, her teacher has sent me emails and pictures to keep me up to date! 

Giving Daddy a goodbye kiss. 

And I think this is the moment she realized we were really leaving her to be a big girl all by herself. She had slight apprehension, but she took a deep breath, turned around and walked right into her classroom. 

And like every mom I've heard before me, I think it was harder on me than her. 

Here we go. The school years have begun. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sick Little Guy

January has been brutal for my little family. We've been hit with 3 different rounds of sickness including the flu (me), two rounds of upper respiratory infections (both kids twice), croup (Noah), yeast infections (both), double ear infections (maya twice, noah once), thrush (both). My poor babies. And really, when I had the flu, it hardly seemed an issue as all of my focus was spent taking care of my kids. 

I think most of my time this past month was used administering medication, smearing on diaper creams, checking the clock for the next treatment or drug dosage. And holding my sweet babes. 

Let's just say that we were ready for January to be over. 

And the only one left to be well is this little guy. He's almost there as we are just left with an annoying, barky cough that is just hanging on. 

My kids were troupers though. I'm proud of how they both seemed to stay positive despite the ickies. Especially Noah Bear. I snapped these photos one day when he was really feeling yucky. However awful he's felt throughout this whole last month, we could still count on a smile, day or night. I love that about him. 

Hi Baby Boy. This photo just makes me want to pick him up and cozy on those wittle cheeks. 

 Runny nose, blood shot, tired eyes...

And he still smiled anyway. I don't even care that the photos blurry. I love it. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

His Many Names

He's our Bubby. Bubs. Bubbers. Noie. Buddy. Buddies. Noah Bear. Noie Puhtoie. Sweetie boy.

And he rarely gets a Noah in between the collection of names he has so far. Even by big sister. She tends to use his nicknames too.

Here he is, sick with a respiratory infection that will not go away. Wheezing in and out. Barking with Croup.

But he still smiles all the time, showing his faint dimples when he can.

This was the only way I could get him to sleep on this day; he was so very sick. And I couldn't stop staring at how peaceful and beautiful he was.

He's almost six months here.